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Hey guys, I know you want to punch me right? How dare I disappear just like that uhn? I am so sorry. It is not my fault. I have some really solid excuses. I promise that I didn’t disappear because of laziness (this time…lol).

So yesterday I took an exam that would cause me to earn a little bit more money….yes. guys yesterday was promotion exam time. Imagine it has been more than 3 years since I completed my NYSC and got a job. God has been merciful. The exams were okay, Thank God. I fretted about it so much but God granted me favour. The only issue I had was that the people decided that since we were to be promoted we deserve to be ridiculously delayed. They kept us waiting till about 4:30pm (we arrived by 9am) before they decided to grace us with their presence…..#rubbishandnonsense
Anyway I want to testify to the goodness of God in my life. A couple of weeks I decided to use my glucometer to check my blood glucose, only for me to read high results. I was really afraid I was becoming diabetic. I tried the tests about 4 times and they were high, I quickly removed #2600 from my savings and went to the laboratory to have a series of tests done. I did a fasting blood sugar test, Full blood count (I wanted to check every cells in my blood) and I also had a malaria test done.
But before I went to the lab on Monday, in church that Sunday I don’t know how exactly it happened but the priest/venerable conducted a prayer session  where various prayer points were raised. One included the stoppage of genetic related disease and since my mum and grandmum are diabetic, I was so into that prayer point. 

So on Tuesday I went to get my results in the morning even though I was told that I should come for it by 12 noon but I couldn’t wait. I wanted to know if I was diabetic or not. When the head medical laboratory scientist said that I needed to see a doctor I almost fainted. But she said I needed to see a doctor because I had malaria. I was so light headed. She said my blood sugar was also lower than the lowest value of their range. I was like what? But the truth is that is the way my body has been for years now. I usually feel weak. My blood cells count were okay but the lower value of the ranges. 

So after the scare came the lessons and they are: I need to reduce my sugary drinks intake, I need to remember to take my vitamins (it is super essential for me as a female), i need to eat more and I need to either correct my glucometer or throw it away.

Well after the relief of knowing that I am not diabetic came another great news that Wednesday. During that same church service that Sunday, my venerable said and declared that the month of June would be a month of Jubilation and I can categorically say that it has been a month of great jubilation.

That Wednesday I received a mail that I had been expecting for months. I refused to open it because I was afraid it was going to be bad news. But when I felt calm in my spirit, I opened it. I was afraid I didn’t read the mail well and re-read it about 2 times before it clicked. It was not exactly what I hoped for but it was more than I ever thought I deserved. I didn’t exactly know if the other issue would be resolved but I have faith that God would take care of it. You might not understand fully what I am saying but I promise very soon you would all understand and I would refer you to this post and others.

Everything is not perfect but everything is good and that is more than enough. I have more than enough causes to thank God every minute of this month and the amazing thing is that it is not yet over. Truly June is my month of Jubilation.

So guys how has your month been?

I have to run now. I need to think of more articles to write to make up for lost time. Hey, I have a great juicy news for you guys. I wrote an article on drinking healthy with juicing, smoothies and mocktails for my hospital bulletin and guess what? IT GOT PUBLISHED!!! 

I think that is my first ever article being published in a magazine….#whoop!whoop!!. My face is all over the hospital…I am a writer….#nextstepinternationalmagazine #wakemeupfrommydream. I have no pictures right now but I would take one tomorrow and upload it on my facebook page. Please check it out and congratulate me…..lol

Thanks for stopping by……

Luv ya,
Petite Diva….


  1. Thanks. And congrats on finishing NYSC. I can still remember when you said you were posted to sokoto now one year has passed like that.

  2. That must have been nerve wrecking, but good to know the results weren't as bad as you thought. And congratulations on your achievement. Best wishes!


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