Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Get your beads on....
I love a lot of things but what I have been unable to really love is beads actually I should say necklaces. I have a big problem wearing necklaces. I admire them from afar and sometimes I buy some but I just dump them in my house.

But while I was at home during the strike earlier this year, my friend dragged me off my lazy ass to have a make up and gele tying play date. She is a multi threat...she bakes, is a make up artist, knows how to tie gele and makes beads.

I had never worn a bead necklace so when she placed the two that she had just made on me I was skeptical. However I noticed that I looked good in them and they were really light too.

So I am on a mission to get one and force myself to love it and wear it..

Here are some pictures of me wearing my friend's handiwork and some of another friend's friend.

I was feeling like a clown....

Above beads by Wura beads

Above beads by Blushes and dimples

Above beads: Carabella beads

What do think guys? Lovely or what? If you need anyone please let me know and I would link you to the ladies that make them. You might even get a discount.

Thank you for stopping by....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva....

Pictures courtesy: Wura beads, blushes and dimples and Carabella beads....


Wura beads: BBM:260BD782
08132179620, 08082065756

Blushes and dimples:
whatsapp: (+234) 08062511430
BB : 565C3C54

Carabella beads:


  1. Wowzers! aside baking, I and wura gat something in common. ..... She can do better though. Nice one there.


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