Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Yep guys, I am home for a short while. And I don’t know if  I have become soft or it is lagos, but the traffic seems to have become worse. It is literally worse like 3 times worse. Transport fares are super hiked now. Thank God I am not working here, transport fare would have finished my salary and I would also spend a lot on distressing myself cos the stress now is super incredible.

I was stuck in traffic for more than 1 hour yesterday. A journey that normally takes 1 hour with small hold ups took 3 hours and that was because the driver took some minor roads. How can someone get to her house at 15minutes past 2 am?! Like for real?! What in the world? That was what a fellow passenger in the bus said happened to her last year.  Fashola has some serious explaining to do. They have got to finish up with the road. It is causing a big problem!

In other news, last week was a sickly week. After the sore throat, I had dysmenorrhea that necessitated me taken 50 mg of diclofenac injection (I hate injections and I think my butt still hurts ….#sad), then I had some serious 'food poisoning' style of cramps, then i had fever with serious headache so eventually I had to take the antimalarial I was avoiding. See, it was a sickly week, each day with its own problem. And to add to all that my friend irritated the crap out of me. Like really? I was sick and you come up with childish, jealous sounding statement. Wasn’t going to talk to him but as usual, I had to soften up cos it is not good to keep malice.

I however think I need to be careful with him. Whatever, moving on….. the network at home is super crazingly slow. I really hope I would be able to upload this now and not when I am in uyo but oh well, it is all good.

Gotta run. Feeling sleepy, had a long and happy day. I got what I came home for. What you might ask? I would put up a picture soon with part of the gist.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

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