Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Yay!!!! It is super heroes time. I am such a lover of films that are based on superheroes from comic books. Some times i wish i could kick ass (pardon my french...) like the female heroes.

My favorite superhero is Superman. I love that he is sweet and strong. I especially love that even though he kicks ass when Lois Lane is up in his front, he melts like butter. I am a bit, no scratch that, i am a lot like Lois Lane. So do you think that i need a guy like Clark, who won't give me a mega size headache and melt like butter in my hands.....hmmmm, just thinking.

Let's check out some of the pictures of superheroes that i have (unfortunately, i don't have any of superman or spiderman....*sadface):

Wolverine.....Fierce, Rough and soooo loveable

Incredible much power

Phoenix....The gal is hawt

Need i say more....he came to die for the world. Now that is beyond super....

Childhood memories flooding in......

You know it.....It is voltron, defender of the universe. By the way, i am the princess lion...shhhhh, don't tell anybody.

Fierce Diva, STORM, to command the elements like that. Now if i had such powers, what would i do with it? Hmmmmmm

Sexy, sexy, sexy Thor! Owwww,i like, i like. Can i please have some thor? Pleassssseeeee

All the Wonderwomen in the house, raise your right hands.

There it is again, childhood memories are rolling in. I actually have a snippet/video of the intro of voltron on my phone but i don't know how to upload videos on the blog. Oh well, i guess i need to find out how to do so.

I know i said i would upload the pictures of some military guys but i have not been able to get their permission to do so i would just upload 2 military wedding pictures that i was able to steal. Hope you love them. I can't seem to identify what arm of the armed forces the men are in. I think the latter is in air force but what of the former?

That is all folks. I am a bit excited tonight guys 'cos i have 9 days before my leave starts......Yay! Super Yay!

Love ya,
Petite Diva.

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