Friday, August 10, 2012


I am so sorry guys, I know I said I would talk about my last post the next day but I didn’t. I have been having some issues and most of them were not caused by me. At first my internet service was nonexistent, then I was just not in the mood to write (is that my fault or not? still and later on, almighty PHCN decided to put me in darkness for a while. Anyhow, anyhoo I am back.

So I would start with what I liked about the piece then move on to the things I don’t agree with in our little story.

: I like the moral of the story. So many couples are enduring their marriages because of problems caused by nobody else but themselves. They are so stuck in a rut that they forget why they fell in love with each other in the first place.

I am not saying that we should do all the things you used to do before, we all grow and mature so things can’t always be the same. But learn to live life a little. Do something fun together, learn to talk things out instead of acting up. It may not be easy but it is one step at a time (It reminds me of a song in a kiddies film….. ‘one step at a time(X2), I am climbing the mountain, one step at a time….*singing).

Every marriage or relationship is different but the basic rule is to work together with God, never ever forget God to build a happy home. I personally don’t like clubs, there are loud, the air is filled with nicotine smoke and alcohol……(ewwwww) and people act all crazy and was not particularly pleased with the club scenario/scene but it is what the couple love. I repeat do what you guys love. Have that 'me and my spouse/partner' time…no friends, no kids, no mamas or papas just you guys. Take a day off, go to the beach, go to amusement parks, goof around, act like kids, eat candy floss (if you are diabetic, please don’t try that), go out to a cool restaurant and have dinner, anything! just do something fun.

I am sure a lot of married guys and Nigerians would say ‘she has started with her foreign attitude’ but just try it. You have nothing to lose.

I also liked the fact that the husband of Nancy gave her his atm card to use to withdraw money, not a lot of men can do that. And I absolutely love the way she introduced her husband as her 'B to the O O', cuteness at its peak especially after a long time together. Most married couples at that period are like flat mates in the house.

BAD: I have already mentioned that I am not a fan of clubs so that part is a no no to me. Then dragging a guy you barely know to dance with you and you are married, hmmmm I don’t think I can do that. I am principled or should I say funny like that.

Another part I was not down with was inviting a guy you just met that day to your daughter’s birthday? Like really? But I guess since he is a senior banking officer at GTB, they figured his head must be screwed on right.

In all it was a good piece, I loved it (heck I typed all that for hours from my blackberry). I hope you loved today’s piece. Holla at your girl anytime, leave comments or simply follow my blog.

Till next time (hopefully it would be soon), have a lovely week ahead.

Petite Diva

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