Thursday, April 28, 2011


It has been a long, long, long time since I have been in the blog world. It has been so long that I don’t know what to write now that my computer has finally been repaired. I really should have gone to repair it a long time ago. I wish I didn’t always procrastinate. That is a major fault that I have, procrastination.

I have passed through a lot in past few months that I don’t know where to start now. I have so much to write about and I don’t want to leave anything out. I would have to write out a plan to write my story. I hope you would all come along with me as I describe the greatest adventure that I have had.

I am too excited to write much today but I promise to be back soon gisting you all on all that has happened in my life lately. How I had major drama in my life that though made me stronger I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I have never understood the term ‘been to hell and come back’ but now I do. I now understand why some people behave in a certain way.

See ya all soon.
Be Happy for the Petite Diva Is BACK!

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