Friday, March 7, 2014


Gown:, Sandal: New look from, Earrings:Mr Price, SA, Clutch: Balogun Market
I truly stepped into my 30th year on earth in style. My birthday was craaaaaayyyyyyyy! (imagine me saying that with a Black American gangster attitude). I know that to some people the events that occurred were normal but to me it was something different so i am happy.

In the morning, i had a cake delivered to me by a pharmaceutical rep of Biofem pharmaceuticals (his portfolio includes Bioxime caps and granules). My original plan was not to have any celebration in the morning because i wanted to go for my bishop's burial so i never made any arrangement for any morning celebration but he surprised me with the cake. So i had to look for drinks, knife and tray so that i can share the cake with people. I uploaded some pictures on instagram and someone said i was still into butter icing cake when people are really into fondant/sugar craft icing now. Unfortunately i am not a fan of fondant icing. I am always annoyed when i see a fondant iced wedding cake. I know that i am not going to have a fondant iced cake for my wedding, i am a butter cream icing kind of girl so disses like that have no effect on me.

I eventually couldn't go for my bishop's burial because my incharge was not around that day and the person that was supposed to stand in for me stood me up. He was missing in action and his phone number was unreachable. I was sad and angry but i had to forget about it and move on.

After sharing the cake and drinks with colleagues (both pharmacists and doctors), it was back to serious work for me. Then after work came preparation for the glam night. I had sent some messages to some people that i would like to come for the dinner and i told them to dress glam style. I don't know what they were thinking because from the venue it should have made them realise that it was a different ball game. One of my guest almost pissed me off saying he can't suit up and i was like 'you have to!'.

I had made reservations online and i made the reservations for 7:30pm and told my guests that it was 7pm (i know Nigerians and african time). Some days to my birthday one of my male guest asked if he could bring a 'friend' and i put that friend in quotes because i later found that she was not just a friend. I agreed when i was unable to get my last guest to indicate his intention of coming and i think i might have made a mistake. It didn't bother me when i thought otherwise but when i realised exactly who she was, i felt a little blindslided. And because of that i kinda of collected some heat from a lot of people even some of my guests because i had been asked if they could bring a guest and i said no only for them to see him with his 'friend'. And i got a little of 'are you crazy look and words after people saw the pictures because of the 'friend'. But since i said it was okay, i defended them however i don't think i would ever try it again. Because though i defended them i would have preferred knowing the truth upfront and i would have allowed the others to bring a date and then everything wouldn't have seemed awkward for me. Lesson learned! But then again he did offer to pay for any extra expenses which he did so everybody can just chill out.

Okay back to the dinner, my female friend and i couldn't get a cab on time (uyo na wa for you people) and when we finally did we were late but we eventually made it to the hotel at about 8 pm. The other guest who i was hoping would take us had called me at 6pm to say he might be unable to come and i refused to let that saddened me. It was my day and i was going to enjoy it. We got there and my other guest and his 'friend' were also not there and since it was late, my gal and i decided to start without them. We had a 'butlerish' kind of lady at our service who clearly knew that we were big time JJCs (novice) and she was extremely helpful in showing us what to do. We felt like super stars and i felt hot and sexy in my backless gown (i got a lot of 'you didn't wear that?!' surprised stares and questions but hey it was my day......*dancing).

The other guest and his friend came in and that was when i felt a little bad at being blind slided but since i had accepted for him to bring her, i didn't think about it. The honest truth i had to force myself to be cheerful so i used my playful attitude to help me get over it and i was fine.

My girlfriend and i had already had our experimental starter and main course which consisted of fruits and something i don't know as starter, vegetable fried rice and coleslaw and saute prawns (i ate one and almost pucked) as main dish. I did copy copy and followed my friend to take fish pepper soup and didn't like it. The fish was too bony joor. I was not about to choke in a 5 star restaurant in front of white people. That would have been embarrassing.

By the time the last guest had arrived, we were about to start desert. I loved the chocolate cake i chose for my desert but my girl friend didn't. When they were talking and forming 'the girl is nice'
(the girl being me), i was wondering if they were jazzed by the environment or something, the chef brought a chocolate cake compliment of the restaurant and everybody was going 'awwww and ohhhhh' and i was mimicing

We took pictures but as for me i was more interested in the bill. I went to ask for it but it was not ready. I wanted to know if we were going to wash plates if my money was not enough....hahaha. Actually i just wanted to know if i would be able to pay with cash or card, saw that the bill was not above my budget and i was happy. I happily tipped our butler and we were on our way home. Everybody had a nice time. And they were extremely grateful that i had invited them. I took the birthday cake home as we were all stuffed and later shared it with more people at work 2 days after.

I later found out that some people in the hospital got to know about the dinner, how? i have no idea. But oh well, i had a nice time that day even with the hiccups and it just showed me that even though things don't always start or happen like i want i just have to relax and leave it in God's hands. I hope i remember that lesson always especially with the 'no husband thing' people seem to me singing in my ears.

That is all the gist about my day. I hope to upload pictures of the non living things (food, cakes and dinner arrangement) that made appearances on my day. I just have to transfer them from my phone first. I hope you guys enjoyed viewing my birthday pictures here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Happy Birthday! (slightly belated) Despite some hiccups, it looks like you had a good time.

    1. Yeah i did, Thank God. Thanks for the birthday wishes.....

  2. I'm so sorry i missed your birthday :( being offline and losing numbers is not a good thing. I'm glad however that you managed to enjoy your day. Many more years of success, good health, happiness, faith, good attitude towards bad/annoying things/people and love.
    Lots of love

  3. nice, I likey. heheheheheh @ the washing Plate Part.. Good thing the world is going cashless. Congrats on attaining that Beautiful age,, i must say that you still look dashing! :) Cheers Bubba.

    1. Duru!!! OMG!!! You found my blog *dancingetighi* Thanks a lot.....


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