Saturday, June 19, 2010


That statement is really strange for me to say or write because a year ago i did not think i was going to continue being a pharmacist. I just wanted to finish the 1 year internship and 1 year youth service.

Let me back up a little for people who don't know me. My mum is a pharmacist and since i was probably 8yrs i knew that i was going to be a pharmacist cos it had been decided that i was going to study it, i had no choice. So when i was in pharmacy school i just wanted to pass my exams because failing at it was not acceptable to me (and my parents) and get out of school to find what i loved.

I wanted to do my internship in the hospital because of the money that was been paid but i guess God had bigger plans for me. I could not secure any place fast enough and i didn't have the patience to wait for a spot to open up for me in any hospital so i decided to apply at a community pharmacy near to me. The interview was weird i think i just said about 3 sentences and i was employed.

And that was the beginning of my journey to this point where i find myself loving what i do. I don't know how or when it happened but i feel that way even when things do not seem to work the way i want it to on some days.

I love selling products that seem to difficult to sell, i love when someone who is shivering, having a banging headache or embarassing problem comes to meet me and i can help him or her feel better. Nothing beats the feeling of helping someone. Most of the time i don't remember my customers/patients but they come and begin to tell me how i helped them and i am shocked.

My boss who is not with me all the time seems to love me and is seriously impressed with me. Why? i have no idea. I am just being myself and i am actually grateful to her for giving me the chance to see what makes her organisation tick. I am thankful to God for directing my path to her company, i might never have gotten close to any other person in their own company.

Well, that is enough rambling for one night but let it be said i know part of what i am going to be. And that is a community pharmacist in addition to all what i am going to be. What other things am i going to be? you might ask. That is for me to write later and for you to find out.

Petite Diva.

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