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Why is Bill Gates pouring ice cold water on himself?....#icebucketchallenge

I had been seeing pictures of people pouring water (apparently ice cold water with ice cubes) on themselves and I wondered whether it was another crazy online trend. So when I saw this article on (I know, I visit it a lot). It is an online newspaper so I like to go to it for international news. 

Anyway apparently it is a challenge to raise money for a charity organization. Right now a lot of famous people have been taking the challenge. They pour ice cold water on themselves then nominate people to do the challenge (just like the sunshine blogger award) and they upload their picture or video and people donate.

Right now the only famous person to deny to do is President Barack Obama (and probably me too….I am famous too na). But honestly I don’t think I can do the challenge. I don’t even have my bath with cool water, if it is not hot or warm then there is a big problem. I would just stand there for so many minutes and be scared of the water. I know how I almost had panic disorder symptoms thinking of using cold water during NYSC camp. And the 21 days I was in that camp, having my bath in the very coooollllld morning (at 4am because we had to have our bath before it was light because of the guys) was the worst part of that camp. Now that I have passed that stage, no way am I taking the ice bucket challenge. I would rather donate some money to the charity like Barack Obama did.

Here is the article and  some pictures, it would explain the whole challenge and what they are raising the money for. I hope you enjoy it...

The ice bucket challenge is the latest craze to sweep the United States – and now it seems the cold water trend has hit the UK.

It involves people pouring a freezing cold bucket of water over their heads to raise money for charity before nominating other people to get involved.

The trend started in America where people wanted to raise awareness of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) – also referred to as motor neurone disease.

It went viral after Pete Frates, a former Boston College baseball player tipped to become a Red Sox star who had his career cut short by the disease, nominated fellow Boston athletes to take part.

This then spread to celebrities including Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Timberlake and even Bill Gates.

Now the phenomenon has landed in the UK with people across the country gearing up to the challenge.

Zuleika Henderson, 38, from Crystal Palace in London decided to do her ice bucket challenge in front of iconic clock tower, Big Ben.
She said: ‘I was challenged by a friend of mine from the New York police department who also challenged others from Canada, South Africa and Australia so I felt the need to do something special for London.
 'It was of course, utterly freezing, and very confusing for some of the tourists there to see Big Ben - I'm sure I'll be in a few of their holiday photos!'
The communications manager added: 'I think a few minutes of icy pain isn't much if it raises awareness and donations for people who face a disease every day. I didn't know what ALS was before the challenge, so it worked in my case, I think the ice bucket challenge is doing a lot of good.' 
Others have been taking part but using the opportunity to donate to different charities.
Oprah Winfrey wasn't afraid to get drenched after she was nominated for the ice bucket challenge this week
Oprah Winfrey
Mark Zuckerberg

Darren Fletcher got two bucket loads of water over his head all for a good cause
Darren Fletcher of Manchester United
Syd Butler and Seth Meyers dump a bucket of ice on actor Mickey Rourke live on Late Night with Seth Meyers
Syd Butler and Seth Meyers dump a bucket of ice on actor Mickey Rourke live on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Macmillan Cancer Support has received thousands of donations after it asked people to use the hashtag #icebucketchallenge to share their videos on social media.
The youngest challenger so far, six-year-old Ianto, was filmed taking part in the challenge by his father Shaun Gustard, who shared it on Facebook.

He was spared the ice cubes but managed to pour the cold water over his head in support of his mother who is battling cancer and recently had lymph nodes removed.

Both Paul Scholes and Gary Neville had already undertaken the challenge after the Class of 92 match which took place last week. The only well-known figure to decline the challenge so far has been President Obama, who chose to donate $100 to the ALS Association instead.
Comedian Ricky Gervais also uploaded his ice bucket challenge to his Facebook page today.  
The phenomenon has raised nearly $3 million for the ALS Association – which is 50 per cent more than they raised last year.  

To learn more about the challenge and how to donate to the charity, check here 

This article got me thinking, is there a blogging challenge or trend we can start to raise money for an international charity organization. Something that I don’t know, would make our blogging much more worthwhile. It doesn’t have to go on for so long or raise that much but it could put smiles on some faces. I don’t know I was just thinking. Anybody have any ideas? 

 Oh well, I would continue thinking about it. I hope you guys like the article though and learned something.

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P.S: I got asked about 2 weeks on something on my blog design on whatsapp and it got me thinking of if there can be a blogging whatsapp group. Naaa, it might be a bad idea *runningaway*.


  1. Awwwww. I like it. I could do it but I no go do am. Shikena

    1. Why na? It is for charity o. You would be raising money for a good cause....*smiling*

  2. hahahhaha heard about it. maybe i will try it